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Abstract: This paper introduces three articles that report results of a national survey of hospital pharmacy facilities conducted in July 1982. A historical perspective of

Abstract: Space allocations for hospital pharmacies and the demand on these facilities in terms of the external environment and functions performed are described. A 12-page

Abstract: The quality and comprehensiveness of the FDA’s National Drug Code Directory (NDCD) in magnetic tape form was evaluated. The internal quality of the tape

Abstract: The potential effects of using the Baker drug counter or the Systamodule pharmacy fixture, or both, on the efficiency of the current outpatient pharmacy

Abstract: Personal computer technology has arrived in health care. Specific technological advances are optical disc storage, smart cards, voice recognition, and robotics. This paper discusses

Abstract: The relationship between the level of illumination and the prescription-dispensing error rate in a high-volume Army outpatient pharmacy was investigated. The prescription error rate

Abstract: OBJECTIVE: To describe the essential facility characteristics for a model patient counseling area: (1) activities that should be accommodated by the facility; (2) special

Abstract: The design and evaluation of a sterile compounding center for a large community teaching hospital are described. The new sterile products area was redesigned to

Abstract: Pharmacy computer systems in the future will help pharmacists assess patients’ medication needs, evaluate drug therapy, and manage patient information. Technology companies are developing

Abstract: The development and evaluation of a new work system and facility design for a chain of community pharmacies are described. A new work system

Abstract Objectives: To measure dispensing accuracy rates in 50 pharmacies located in 6 cities across the United States and describe the nature and frequency of the

The 1999 Institute of Medicine report dramatically increasedpublic awareness of medical error. It estimated that each year44 000 to 98 000 people die of an iatrogenic injury,either

In the USP 797 Guidebook to Pharmaceutical Compounding-Sterile Preparations, USP “attempts to clarify the enforceability” of Chapter 797. The guidebook is a compilation of the

Abstract: A possible association between interruptions and distractions and the occurrence of dispensing errors was investigated. Fourteen pharmacists and 10 technicians in an ambulatory care

A revised version of the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) 797 “Pharmaceutical Compounding—Sterile Preparations” regulation has been issued this year. All health facilities that prepare compounded

Pharmacy design has been undergoing dramatic changes in recent years, in a number of areas. A main trend has been the need to modernize and

Mail order pharmacies are different from other types of pharmacies, in that the pharmacy staff does not interact personally with the patient, instead they ship, Inc., the only consulting company in the United States focused exclusively on USP 797, is pleased to announce that it recently completed a USP

At the TEDMED conference, held last month in San Diego, Walgreens showcased the new pharmacy, health, and wellness experience it is unveiling at stores in

Bernstein & Associates, Architects, is pleased to announce that a USP 797 hospital pharmacy that the firm designed in California has been recently completed and

Nothing shows a retailer that its revitalization efforts are working quite like a thumbs-up from customers. For Winn-Dixie Stores, that vote of confidence came in

Sartoretto Verna opens its first pharmacy in Malta, one of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean. The young and fresh atmosphere suits the resort

Walking in a pharmacy means instinctively thinking about health or health problems. But this unique Oaza Zdravlja Pharmacy was designed to offer a different view

Pharmacy design architect Bernstein & Associates, Architects has been selected to provide pharmacy design services for a new hospital in New York State. Pharmacy design consulting