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“Re-engineering a Pharmacy Work System and Layout to Facilitate Patient Counseling”, (c) Lin AC, Jang R, Sedani D, American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy, 1996.


The development and evaluation of a new work system and facility design for a chain of community pharmacies are described. A new work system was developed to optimize utilization of pharmacist and technician time and allow the pharmacy to increase patient counseling without adding personnel. In the new system, pharmacists would review prescriptions, check technicians’ work, and dispense prescriptions, counseling patients as needed; technicians would enter prescriptions into the pharmacy computer and fill them.

The existing work system and design were evaluated in June and July of 1992 by observing, classifying, and recording activities of pharmacy personnel three days per week at six pharmacies in the chain. Pharmacy designs that would work with the new work system were created by a university design class after consultation with representatives of the pharmacy chain and the university’s college of pharmacy. The pharmacy chain selected one design, and a detailed floor plan and specifications were created.

To test how the new design and system would work at each of the six test pharmacies, a computer simulation program was developed and verified by using the data collected on the existing pharmacy operations. Computer simulation showed that, with the new design and system, increasing patient counseling would increase patient waiting time slightly but would not require additional personnel. The layout and work system in a chain of community pharmacies were redesigned to facilitate patient counseling and make the best use of employee time.

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