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Verna Pharmacy in Malta is Full of Light and Colour

Sartoretto Verna opens its first pharmacy in Malta, one of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean. The young and fresh atmosphere suits the resort town of Qawra perfectly. An environment full of light, bright colors and an elegant modern design make a unique pharmacy, which appeals to tourists and locals alike.

The five windows are completely transparent to see inside, attracting passers by as potential clients. In the hall we find drop-shaped suspended lights and a lit vase, these elements are eye-catching and welcoming to the clients. The internal layout sees a varied display hallway, which leads you to the prescription area through recognizable product sectors. The make-up department is large and organized with an elegant Ral System 4 display with base in Indian purple Sky synthetic leather and digital visuals.

The curved crystal shelves give plenty of visibility to the products, as they seem to be floating in air. The single counter next to it is in white synthetic leather with marble top.

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